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       The town people, who often get lost in the busy life, at a certain moment, suddenly begin to feel tired and weary. Just lay them all down, grab your bags and headed off to a long journey alone, with the mild breeze and the excited mood, you come to a fresh place to find a paradise on earth, once accepted by the old wooden door, in a tiny opened book bar, with a cane chair, a book, and a cup of coffee, you are relaxed in the paradise thoroughly.  
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The affiche of the Westlake
The Westlake Youth Hostel Music club
a lot of music from around the world is saved in the exchange of computer in the Westlake Youth Hostel, and you can click on to appreciate them.
The album of the Westlake Youth Hostel life


Tea performance


Guitar party

The wall of Westlake Youth Hostel words

a place of creativity.

The breakfast in the Westlake Youth Hostel

Breakfast is important for guests in the Westlake Youth Hostel, the Westlake Youth Hostel prepares nutritious and delicious food for them.
The coffee in the Westlake Youth Hostel

the Westlake Youth Hostel provides the coffee lover with the pure coffee: espresso, latte, black coffee, and cappuccino.
The wine in the Westlake Youth Hostel

especially there are some of the most famous photographs of making cocktail: for example, the gin-based Gin Fizz, the Pink Lady, Martini, Gin and Tonic, vodka-based Bloody Marrys; whisky-based Irish hot coffee and the cocktail without alcohol-the eye of hurricane and so on. All of these will make the bar colorful.

Love the Westlake Youth Hostel
There is heaven where is feeling

I have been thinking that I’m a passer in life, hurriedly traveling a road of life, being used to extravagate along the way but never thinking of stopping my steps here.
She has a dream-chasing name, Westlake. It is a heaven on earth, a place full of love legend, a place of a thousand years in the past but there is still a feeling that makes you must return in your whole life. It seems that the love of preexistence and this life has an involving relation, no matter a romantic or sorrow, with this beautiful mountain and water.
Looking for Westlake Youth Hostel below Leifeng Pagoda, beside Jingchi Temple and near Long Bridge seems like passing time channel. Being with lingering 18 Li seeing off of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtian or in the sorrow love of White Snake and Xu Xian seems like seeing Bai Niangzhi strangling under Leifeng Pagoda. It is such unreal but makes you to look forward to and yearn. Shuttling back and forth in the gentle and beautiful legend of Westlake, After tasting trace of years, looking for pure origin from the old walls, wood windows and black tiles of Westlake Youth Hostel and after bidding farewell to the thousand years, you may not sigh for sorrow loves but love the Westlake Youth Hostel for being rapacious of the lazy sunlight, simple like and quiet moment.
Take a hot bath very happily, drink a cup of hot coffee and have a sleep comfortably accompanied with stars all over the night sky. Or you can rent a boat in the Westlake near the Westlake Youth Hostel and you, yourself, look up the attractive blue sky and listen to the boat lady in the Westlake singing Bai Lady, Xu Xian, Lang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai. It seems that a thousand years is present and/or the present is a thousand years before. Looked up the cloud folding and unfolding in the sky and saw flowers in front of the gate blowing and falling you realize that free air and quiet and pure life is most true.
Take a cane chair and sit in it to bask in the gentle music, write down a gossip and be in a daze, the Westlake Youth Hostel will make your feeling a rest...

The life in the Westlake Youth Hostel

The Westlake Youth Hostel is a happy home for hikers from different places, and it is the most unique youth hostels in Hangzhou. Inexpensive, convenient, leisure and simple are the portrayal of the Passing Travel Youth Hostels. The youth hostel locates in the beautiful West Lake of the center of Hangzhou city. In front of the hostel is the Long Bridge where Zhu Yingtai saw her lover Liang Shanbo off about eight miles. The Long Bridge is not long, but the deep love from the romantic story of Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai affected thousands of years. In the left front of the Passing Traveler Youth Hostel is the famous Lei Feng Pagoda, where the story about the legendary love between White Snake and Xu Xian took place, and this story was spread between generations. In the left of the hostel is the world-renowned Jingci Temple. The annual festival of knocking bell in Jingci Temple has become the most important festival of Hangzhou. Every New Year’s eve, people from all walks of life gathered at the Jingci Temple to attend the ceremony of knocking the bell in the Evening Bell Ringing at Nanping Hill. When the bell sounded 108 times, it indicates that the New Year is coming. In the right of the Passing Traveler Youth Hostel is the Mountain Yuhuang where is a resort of Taoism, and there are many incense in the Mountain Yuhuang. In the evening, the evening of West Lake is more dazzling than ever, with the floating water of West Lake you can walk along the Long Bridge of the West Lake in front of the hostel. The Baoshu Tower stands like a quite beautiful girl in distance; the opposite Lei Feng Pagoda is translucent to response the smile of Baoshu Tower near the Passing Traveler Youth Hostel. The reflection of Double Tower has interpreted the love in Hangzhou thoroughly. Following the Long Bridge, you can find on the one side is the quite beautiful West Lake, while on the other side are the lively Nanshan Road bars. The bars in Nanshan Road of Hangzhou are as famous as bars of Transitional Shichahai in Beijing and bars of Shanghai Xintiandi. The bars here are less noises than Beijing and less delicate than Shanghai, but they have unique Jiangnan characteristics of elegant and leisure, and just like the bars near your home, you will ease at home without any strangeness. Walking further, you can see the famous Wushan Road Antique and Handicraft Night Fair in Hangzhou; hikers who interested in ancient Chinese culture can buy varieties of antiques admired in the heart. Surely around the Hotel and along the West Lake, there are the most beautiful places in Hangzhou: the Chinese Traditional Medicine Physiotherapy in Huqing Yudang, the History of Chinese Silk in the Silk Museum, the china in Hangzhou Guanyao, the tea in Longjing Village, the springs of Hupao Spring, the temple in Qinghefang, the ancient seals in Xilingyin Temple, the fans in Wang Xing Ji, the West Lake Silk Umbrellas, the Zhang Xiao Quan Scissors, the Lotus Root Powder in West Lake, the snacks in Zhi Wen Guan, the noodles in Kui Yuan Guan, around the Passing Traveler Youth Hostel, you can watch, play, eat or buy whatever just you want, or even you did not think of before, which will give you more pleasant surprise.
The Westlake Youth Hostel does not only provide you a warm home, but also serve you the most adequate consult and services for your experience in Hangzhou. Zhejiang Province is also world famous for its ancient villages. Such as the Longmen ancient Town, Wu Zhen, Dayu's Mausoleum in Shaoxing and so on. We will plan and organize various travel routes for your choice. You can also get information of Youth Hotels all around the country and the Feature Tourism Information, to get ready for your traveling dream.
When you come to Hangzhou and feel tired, sleepy, just come and bury yourself in the Westlake Youth Hostel, which have bright and spacious room, neat bed and dining-hall and pub with Jiangnan fashion, independent shower room as well as attentive service, all of that will make you feel the warmth of home. Here, you can talk with all the hikers come from around the world, exchange experiences and talk about the travel experience, Liquor welcomed, what a great joy to life! Bed price from: 40-55 RMB per night, Tourism information can be exchanged with the travelers from different countries (of course, English is the official language here). 24-hour hot water and watching English TV for free can be provided to our residents. Enter the inn, what you can feel is relaxation and friendliness, you can choose to begin the day with tasting the delicious coffee in the sunshine of the bar, you can also lie on the sofa and enjoy the ancient culture of China, sit on the swing in the garden listening to the voice of jungle breeze, as well as appreciate the sunset afterglow at the West Lake and so on. All the beautiful scenery is looking forward to your arrival.
Where is the Westlake Youth Hostel? It is very easy to find it. It is just near the famous West Lake in Hangzhou. As soon as you see the landmark-Leifeng Pagoda, you will find our Westlake Youth Hostel. Take a taxi to the Zhejiang Xizi Hotel, just 10 meters away by the opposite path of the hotel is our hostel. The fee of taking a taxi from the city station to our place is about RMB 12 Yun. If you are in trouble in Hangzhou as a stranger,you can call us at anytime. We will try our best to help you, and please remember the Telephone number: 0086-571-87027027.We will help you solve all the legitimate and reasonable problems and difficulties.E-mail:westlakehostel@yahoo.com.cn

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The Westlake Youth Hostel Address: 62-3, Nanshan Road, Hangzhou, Zhejiang Province, China
(ten meters away by a path opposite to Zhejiang Xizi Hotel). PC: 310007.Phone/Fax: 0571-87027027
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